Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No More Blacks Among Cherokees

Cherokee Nation has had it enough already. Last month, they decided to limit their membership for 2,800 African-Americans who are supposedly descended from slaves once owned by Cherokees. Now, Cherokee Nation faces scrutiny for expelling blacks from their tribe.

A group of African-Americans, known as Freedmen, decided to stand up for their right of being part of Cherokee Nation. One of these Freedmen proclaims that they are no less Indian than Cherokees are. Marilyn Vann, who is the head of the Descendants of Freedman Association, says that Cherokees have never been discriminated against due to them being white.

While, as it seems again, these Freedmen would continue to play their race card, the real reason they were expelled was their disability to prove that they have a Cherokee Indian blood.

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