Sunday, September 18, 2011

Muslim kills his wife over daughter's conversion

48-years-old Dr. Muhammad Hussain stabbed his wife after his daughter became Christian in Australia. In Islam, a muslim cannot leave his faith as it is not acceptable. Elizabeth Kendal, of the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission, told ASSIST that the tragedy highlights "the great and urgent need for rigorous, open debate on what Western religious liberty means for Muslim immigrants, and what Islam’s rejection of apostasy means for Christians in terms of convert care."
Hussain came to Australia from Bangladesh. In 1982, he finished his medical training and received a degree in Australia in 2001.
His daughter told the neighbors she had wanted to "convert from the Islam religion … and obviously her father didn’t handle it very well," Dalton said.
Officials at Pembroke school in Adelaide, where the teen had attended, said the school is nondenominational and students are encouraged "to seek their own spiritual journeys."
Students are not required to participate in Christian services, officials said.
Pembroke principal Malcolm Lamb released a statement explaining the school’s practice.
"In the case of Islamic students the school is in principle and in practice very supportive of students observing religious customs, such as wearing the Hijab – this has happened in the past, observing fasting and the need for prayer rooms," Lamb said.
The Quran does instruct the faithful to kill those who leave the faith but Muslim leaders have said that is not to be taken literally.
Obviously Dr. Muhammad Hussain is a very pious man.

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